Renaud Prodel, founder of Aditum Advisory, is an experienced headhunter and talent spotter, particularly in Executive and Board Member hiring over the last twenty years.

He has developed a unique ability to help business leaders create the best conditions around them to generate innovation and creativity, and does this by focusing just as much on character as competencies.

‘Reading the context’ is not enough to navigate the often-challenging waters of the globalised world; while developing the skills to render the environment suitable for intended strategies can be complex, it is much more rewarding.

Consulting & Coaching For Change

We know that reframing thinking is key to setting up change, enabling leaders to face new challenges. Framing change in organisations requires reflecting on change management; change management has to be tackled by the right leaders.

Because we have enhanced our capacity for critical thinking and reflective practice, our highly skilled consultants will propose dynamic processes of recruitment, so avoiding ‘cloning’.

We help you to recruit the best talent to lead strategies of growth and change, so that your organisation can develop an outstanding change leadership culture.

Our Headhunting Approach

We are change agents, and our recruitments contribute to transformational thinking and behaviour across organisations.

Our clients experience expansive growth through engaging with us throughout the recruitment process, and we will help you handle new or difficult situations creatively and sensitively.

We would be delighted to speak with you about how we may assist you find the right solution for your current challenge.

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