Client brief: This client is a not-for-profit organisation that required our help with leadership and innovation; especially, how to face change in a context of disruption. I proposed a leadership seminar to explore these topics. 

What we did: We approached the seminar with the following enquiries, intended to encourage attendees to discover the answers for themselves: 

What is ‘innovation’? What is your opinion about evolutionary innovation? What is your opinion about revolutionary innovation?  

What is ‘leadership’? Do you see leadership as a person? (if so, WHO?) Do you see leadership as results-based? (if so, WHAT?) Do you see leadership as a particular position? (If so, WHERE?) Do you see leadership as a process? (if so, HOW?) 

What comes to mind on: virtues? traits? values? 

What is ‘disruption’? Disturbance? Or problems? 

What is the key? 

Outcome: The seminar inspired an incredible stream of questions and debate, with the participates actively engaged (beyond even my expectations). Most of the participants asked insightful and sometimes tough questions, allowing all of us to reflect for ourselves on these topics. The discussion generated during this seminar shed light upon the importance of change across our organisations, and its impacts. It also showed how critical it is to set up and clarify an asking and sharing process before undertaking tough tasks, and reminded us that all of us could face change better by thinking differently and creatively. A number of us decided to meet again so that we could reflect with their companies on promoting new ways of thinking to embrace change and complexity.