Client brief:  When I started working with this client in 2002, the organisation was looking for candidates to set up and structure the consolidation department.

What I did:  At that time most consolidation departments were still staffed with accounting people. But since the purpose of ‘consolidation’ is to give an economic view on a scope of subsidiaries I was convinced that hiring people with wider skills would enable them to approach economic issues from a wider perspective.

I reached out to candidates working in Big4 auditing companies, people that had graduated from Higher Business or Engineering schools and now had 3 or 4 years of experience under their belt. I then focused on showing these candidates that this kind of opportunity was a potentially excellent starting point for their financial career, with international scope, diversity of context, and complexity (amongst others). To ensure that my client had the right people to choose from – and that candidates were only guided towards roles that were right for them - I spent hours with each candidate, getting to know their needs and aims thoroughly. Not only did this ensure that my client would have the best people joining their organisation, by placing candidates in the right position for them (one in which they found satisfaction and success, whether that was with this client or another), I knew these candidates would one day be my future clients.

Outcome:  My commitment to finding the right people for the role – from both the clients’ and the candidates’ perspective - enabled me to achieve sustainable recruitments (some of who are still working at this organisation 17 years’ later) as well as successful candidate careers outside the Group. My client was very pleased that my process selection brought them such strong and balanced profiles.