Client brief:  One of our clients is a young company specialising in Energy Isolation. The founder seized the opportunity to set up a business carrying out thermal insulation services for individuals and professionals. He started from nothing, and after 4 years the company was turning over more than £30 million. When starting an organisation, you can run with limited administrative costs and handle many areas yourself. But when the growth is strong, and the size of the company is growing, you have to bring in competent persons who focus entirely on a specific aspect of administration. This is particularly true in Finance and Accounting. We were approached by the client at this point of growth, looking to recruit someone to head up this area.

What I did:  As the position was newly created, I suggested the client recruit a CFO, not a Financial Controller, and someone who was highly skilled. Taking into account the speed of the company’s growth, I recommended they hire ‘above’ the need, to ensure the candidate could meet future expectations and face further challenges. By doing this, the hire would not be a cost but an investment in their future.

My challenge was then to find candidates that would best fit a young company. I had to look for a profile from an organisation that was neither too large nor too small. In this context it was important to adjust the slider alongside the selection, having selected all the organisations in growth with bigger maturity, to find profiles who would be willing and able to start a new challenge in a young company. I had a short-list of three candidates, one of which had the ideal profile: he had spent 12 years in an organisation where he had been a key player in reinforcing the finance department so that it met the director’s expectations of growth.

Outcome:  The client appreciated the way I worked so closely with him, getting to know him and his company as well as I do my own to make sure I understood his needs and could find the right match. The CEO is very happy with the placed candidate, who not only fulfils his function excellently but is very happy working in a human-sized organisation.

I am currently recruiting for their HR Director.