Here at Aditum Advisory we strongly believe that to deal effectively and creatively with change we have to look to the human aspect. 

Most of the time organisations approach change in a hurry, looking for the short-term positive outcome. What they find is that just the opposite usually happens, like with the captain of the Titanic who, on seeing the iceberg dead ahead, ramped up the engine in full reverse in the hopes of missing it but instead caused the ship to collide with it.  

Today’s changing world makes it tricky for organisations and societies to navigate what are often turbulent waters. Obviously, some situations are going to require urgent solutions. But real, embedded change is a long-term process that needs organisations and individuals to take into account the human dimension and, with that, to think differently and critically. To do this, we need to really know ourselves. Therefore, my approach is to help organisations to identify internal or external (recruitments) 'change agents' who will encourage, lead and support change. 

At Aditum Advisory, we never offer you a toolbox but instead look to create a learning experience based on how you can embrace complexity and your specific situations, making the most of your individual and collective inner strengths. 

Come and speak to us to see how we might help support you.